Above and beyond Communal business the group is also perfecting renewable energy business for IPO.

In accessory power plant construction, we have been researching solar and wind potentials in Georgia. Doing IPO of mentioned potentials separately, might be hard for us, as their scales are certainly not big enough. However joint sort of these businesses lets us to help make suitable proposal for LSE.

“The full project cost for Svaneti project is $65 million and also for Guria, group?invested approximately $80 million. Our purchase of energy sector varies according to negotiations while using Government of Georgia. Regarding attractive proposal we’re going to review investing many hundreds of million dollar implementations,” Gachechiladze notes.

As for construction of wind power plant Archil Gachechiladze says that final economic findings on seven chosen locations will likely be ready prior to the end of the year, next company wants to launch construction of stations on 3-4 locations.

To remind,?Georgia Global Utilities will perform an IPO in 2-3 years. The provider owns communal and also equities in Georgia. Including Georgian Water and Power, Rustavi and Mtskheta waters.

As for any renewable energy field, BGEO plans $28 million investment. “From 2-3 years we make an effort to do combined IPO of renewable and communal energy businesses.