The U.S. Filing (SEC) has started a series of investigations and crackdown against alleged frauds within the crypto industry. Among the prominent individuals recently indicted for suspected fraudulent acts is Jon Montroll. Sufficient evidence has been seen as indicating that his company is responsible for bitcoin theft.

Montroll is a founding father of the defunct BitFunder, a platform for cryptocurrency transactions and trade. Crowdfund Insider reported the fact that charges are a member of recent crackdown from the SEC on cryptocurrency-related frauds. The fees against Montroll are equally portion of the larger investigation being conducted by the regulator in regards to the market in its entirety.

Just a few weeks ago, the SEC started its investigation of the crypto market associated with initial coin offerings or ICOs, per USA Herald. You’ll find it issued several subpoenas and requests for information from various companies engaged in the said market.

Montroll is arrested for illegally operating an unregistered securities and exchange and defrauding the users from the crypto exchange platform. Using the charges, Montroll has misled the users by issuing false statements. BitFunder was closed down in 2013 after at least a year of operations.

Bitcoin theft

According towards SEC, Montroll and his company purposely withheld vital info on the cyber attack on the platform and also misappropriated the bitcoins on the users. Users lost over 6,000 bitcoins, which by today’s value is estimated to remain not less than $61,800,000, based on NewsBTC.

SEC New york city Regional Office associate regional director Lara Mehraban assured the investors as well as average person how the commission will “vigorously police” the transactions involving crypto money. Mehraban also said that the guilty parties might be charged.

If Jon Montroll’s proven guilty, he will be looking at a 10-year sentence in prison. (Source)

Under SEC regulations, platforms functioning as national securities exchange need to be registered even though they are needed for cryptocurrency trade and investment. If proven guilty, Montroll may be incarcerated for Ten years, per Cryptona.

Montroll’s legal troubles usually do not end while using the SEC fraud charges. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York also filed parallel criminal charges of perjury and obstruction of justice against the BitFunder founder.

Regulatory enforcement

Concerning the subpoenas requests filed by the SEC, one lawyer described the requests being challenging answer for any person. However, those who received the subpoenas also are with the option to simply talk with the investigators as an alternative to submitting voluminous documents.

Multiple regulatory agencies in numerous aspects of the planet are closely examining the crypto market before couple of months. The investigations are triggered through the increasing incidences of cryptocurrency theft and scams.

According to The Verge, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has issued warnings to ICO investors, letting them know that no ICOs happen to be registered at the time. Young drivers . released a required research checklist of requirements for investors and ICOs. The regulator will strictly monitor ICOs and make sure compliance with federal regulations on the stock market securities. Clayton asserted service shop that promotes ICOs and sale of securities is obliged to follow the regulations.