There are two forms of?stock?bubbles C?normal?stock bubbles?of?five?years or more?and shorter-term, more extreme?bubbles C and we’re currently in the course of both kinds.

Both are characterized by irrational behavior –

A complete break in the fundamentals.

Let’s compare the cryptocurrency bubble to?other quick-and-nasty bubbles who have wiped out investors prior to now. I’m talking, however, for the tulip bubble, the South Sea and Mississippi bubbles, online bubble,?additionally, the recent China bubble. They all have something alike, and that’s really not so great news for people latecomers to that Bitcoin bubble.

Harry Dent on Bitcoin

Harry Dent offers a quick update over the bitcoin rally. Just when was this bubble finally gonna burst? Learn more from Harry right here…

Posted by Economy and Markets , January 16, 2019

The thing using this Bitcoin bubble C and all the bubbles, stock and short-term alike, that are fitted with come before it C would it be ultimately makes a shakeout. It destroys many of the flotsam and jetsam lurking in the market showcased. And this presents once-in-a-lifetime wealth-building opportunities.

Take Amazon by way of example.?Throughout the boom, it went to $113 per share. Then your crash brought it tumbling right down to just $5.50 a share?C down 95 %. It survived though, and so one share benefits above $1,300. That is a 240 times gain!

The same types of opportunities can have themselves once this crypto bubble has burst.?We believe one cryptocurrency, particularly, is set in a great area to survive the shakeout ahead. Think of it as the Amazon on the cryptocurrency world.

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