If you’re much like me you must be wondering why there is a lot of media obsession around Bitcoin while its market cap is probably $300 billion, which amounts to approximately 1/3 the dimensions of Apple Inc. Furthermore, why hold the U.S. Government and Federal Reserve become so enamored with cryptocurrencies?

Up as yet, the government has been unwilling to shut them down, although they violate all Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations? Of course, the us government will not suffer terrorists and tax evaders perfectly; and can never relinquish remedy for the funds supply and not using a strong fight. For now, the powers that be made our minds up to allow cryptocurrencies a small amount of rope to hold themselves with.

I’m it’s unlikely that any to embrace conspiracy theories with alacrity nonetheless do believe government entities is purposely orchestrating a place where cryptocurrencies can thrive-albeit to get a truncated duration of time-but which has a baneful ulterior motive yours for the taking for that middle class. In my opinion governments are presently in the process of vetting the cryptocurrency space and making use of bitcoin because it is primary test case. Stay healthy and fit permitting the population to achieve trust and expertise in electronic currencies before crushing private cryptocurrencies altogether, then replacing these one government-sanctioned “bitcoin”-call it Fed-coin.

This new Fed-coin would begin using a blockchain that could be under the complete domination over government and would replace all physical currency. This means that, banning physical dollars and all sorts of privately-issued cryptocurrencies and after that impose a fiscal system that is consists of 100 % electronic money, that is definitely Completely controlled by the Government.

By the process may well remove the underground economy and the Fed to impose any standard of negative apr it sees appropriate to try and do its inflation goals, whilst preventing people from hoarding paper money in order to escape the foreclosure of its purchasing power. Consider it, the govt will be able to monitor every transaction over the new Fed-coin blockchain under the guise of having the ability to greatly diminish tax evasion, money laundering, and terrorist-funding activities.

And yes, the us government could easily make this happen first by allowing the private computer sector to make their own the application of cryptocurrencies, since it fosters the public’s widespread acceptance of digital money. Then, over the years of comfort is achieved, shutting down the cryptocurrency exchanges, thus eliminating nearly all of its liquidity. Then, simply banning its use within all commerce.

Both those measures would crush the additional value and utility of bitcoin, despite its decentralized attributes. Since the currency element of bitcoin requires all purchases to use a public application, additionally, it can simply be seen by government regulators. Therefore, should the government were to impose fines and imprisonment for merchants accepting bitcoin, its utility would then be relegated to your dark web.

The government generally seems to want cryptocurrencies to thrive rather then shutting it down. (Source)


This evolution in currency makes perfect sense to governments into their long reputation of migrating off from gold-backed money. Make no mistake, the Fed is preparing have a look at the next Great Depression and knows that it deserves more tools in their arsenal to battle deflation. The key function of Fed-coins may be to push rates of interest into negative territory as a way to increase monetary velocity and still provide.

These ideas have already been promulgated by global elites just like Harvard Economics Professor Ken Rogoff, that is on record on the grounds that negative mortgage rates is going to be needed in your next major recession or financial crisis knowning that central banks ought of do more to arrange the bottom for such policies. But, moreover, President Mr . trump recently nominated Marvin Goodfriend for everyone being a an associate the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve to get a 14-year term. Mr. Goodfriend is not just a robust advocate of negative interest levels but is inside the vanguard for promoting the banning of physical cash and the adoption associated with a government-backed digital currency.

You see, the Fed recognizes that your next economic crisis is approaching quickly which has very limited opportunity to fight cascading asset prices and plunging GDP growth. This is because the Fed’s balance sheet has recently increased by $3.7 trillion as well as the National debts are up $11 trillion since the Great Recession.

With only one few rate reductions before the Fed Funds Rate retreats into zero percent once more, our central bank is desperately seeking new “tools” it could deploy to re-inflate the bubbles whereby economic growth has grown to be so dependent upon. Simply contributing to your debt pile that’ll be purchased with the Fed might not be sufficient. Negative Interest rates Policy (NIRP), Universal Basic Income and Helicopter money may be required as well. And NIRP are not going to work if there are bank runs across the nation. Therefore, cash must disappear first.

The Fed may soon control the amount through which interest levels become negative on your savings. Where there will probably be nothing that you can do about this except buy gold. That is if the govt doesn’t ban its purchase a lot like it might with cryptocurrencies. However, it’s possible to hoard your gold before the regime changes; and history assures us it will keep its purchasing power. Exactly the same absolutely cannot be said for cryptocurrencies.


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