The renowned Krugerrand – dubbed the planet’s first, greatest and widely-traded gold bullion coin – in 2010 celebrates 50 years since its first minting.

It was mainly created?to increase value to, and make a premium for, SA gold sales. “It’s over exceeded any expectations that may are actually had initially,” says Richard Collocott, Rand Refinery’s executive head of advertising in addition to a director of Prestige Bullion, the Rand Refinery and SA Mint three way partnership.

Since inception, just fewer than 53.5 million ounces of gold in Krugerrands happen to be sold and also $21.5 billion of forex revenue generated.

Of the Krugerrands produced, about 90% are actually sold internationally, says The Scoin Shop executive chairman Alan Demby.

“To illustrate appreciation, a R10 000 purchase of Krugerrand coins in 1967 would today be worth R6 million to R7 million,” according to. A 1967 proof Krugerrand trades for approximately R40 000 today.

In 2016 Krugerrands?were the planet’s top-selling money, with $1.3 billion in sales – the very first time since 1980, says Collocott. “We anticipate that any of us should retain our top position for 2017 also.”?

The question investors will be asking is, will it still add up to obtain Krugerrands?

Investment sense

“Effectively, if you’re thinking about a Krugerrand under consideration gold,” says Dr Ebrahim Patel, commodities strategist at Rand Merchant Bank (RMB).

As the?gold price is denominated in dollars, it is just a rand hedge asset. If ever the rand weakens along with the?gold price stays precisely the same or doesn’t weaken just as much, South Africans benefit concerning their gold?investments.?

“Gold includes a multi-millennia-year reputation of storing value. There are many political, geopolitical uncertainty being received by play. Necessities such as conditions under which gold is incredibly popular, since it is a hedge against political uncertainty, a safe-haven asset,” he states.

Collocott agrees. “Demand for coins is actually a function of uncertainty…. The Krugerrand is within essence an excellent bellwether for any state of the planet, as it is a retail gold product.”

These coins are increasingly in demand – a worldwide phenomenon. “Demand in SA has grown particularly since December 2015’s Nenegate – that’s when we actually got a wake-up speak to the political risk [and the rand depreciated]. Persons have been nervous with the protection of the long-term assets,” he tells.

There’s been quite strong demand inside the Eurozone, on Brexit and French election concerns.

“We anticipate and we have every intention for Krugerrands to keep, if you’re not the top-selling silver coin on the earth, from the top-three,” says?Collocott. “I aren’t seeing massive global stability across the next 5yrs.”

“Gold’s not going away soon,” he forecasts.

Patel also?foresees the effective use of gold coins and?other physical gold investments increasing in?time, as gold may be a global currency as people become watchful about paper currencies.

“The Krugerrand may be widely successful (in order to getting gold exposure). It’s one of several world’s most circulated bullion coins, it’s iconic – very durable. There’s no doubt that we’re going to see its use going from strength to strength.”

Gold price in rands per kilogram


Buying coins

For people who worry about possessing physical coins, one can find an array of available options.

RMB offers Krugerrand Custodial Certificates. This is?a security listed on the JSE’s ETF sector, which provides the holder ownership of a uniquely numbered and packaged Krugerrand coin. Unlike an established ETF, the location where the holder has?your claim on company-owned gold, the investor sporting activities gold directly. “It’s of their name; it part of them and they usually takes physical receiving the underlying coin,” says Patel. Storage fees around?0.22% / year (within the value), including insurance, apply. The dwelling has become licensed globally around the world Platinum Investment Council, that could?work with it since its?flagship platinum coin investment structure globally.

Alternatively investors should purchase Krugerrands online through FNB Share Investor. 1oz, ? oz, ? oz or 1/10 oz coins may be instantly traded throughout the?online banking platform. The coins are stored securely just in case requested, delivered by?courier for?a delivery charge. The fees are approximately 0.84% per annum.

Many overseas banks may also be dealers in gold and silver coins, Krugerrands included.?

Other sources of local investors will be opt for the coins throughout the Scoin Shop, the retail division on the South African Cash Exchange. The JSE has swapping Krugerrands “through a well-regulated secondary market”, traded just like any listed equity market instrument, with prices quoted on different kinds (weights) of coin.


The first troy ounce, 22-carat?gold Krugerrand was minted within the South African Mint on July 3 1967. A world-first, it did not have face value onto it; rather it was/is ounce-denominated.

A half ounce, 22-carat Krugerrand on display at Sharps Pixley gold showroom, in London. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

“- the money necessary for a Krugerrand is directly related towards the ruling gold price make certain that. You will find a small manufacturing premium that’s combined with that…. In case the gold price is R20 000 today per ounce, the Krugerrand may be R21 500,” explains Collocott, adding that inside collectables market (eg SA Mint) prices can vary determined by factors for instance aesthetic appeal, scarcity and rarity.

“The Krugerrand will be one among SA’s currencies. It’s issued under the authority of the South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) and authorized by the SA government as legal tender.” So,?South Africans can convert between rands and Krugerrands (and also have rand hedges), with virtually no additional?approval or tax clearance.

Although other coins are legal tender, such as when a?US Eagle is taken to the US Fed to generally be exchanged, it’ll only provide face value (eg $25).

“At the outset it was remarkably successful. As competition started in, sales reduced – and therefore the Krugerrand was quite badly tormented by sanctions,” says Collocott. Things got worse following sanctions were lifted.

Later, people realised “this is a highly-liquid, highly-traded, highly-credible” gold product and demand returned, particularly at the beginning of the economic crisis. Afterwards Krugerrands moved from strength to strength to?its relative market position.”

Quick facts:

  • Best year for Krugerrand sales in ounces: 1979: 4.9 million ounces sold. In dollars, 1981: $1.8 billion.
  • Worst year: 2000: only 10 000 ounces sold; $3 million total revenue.
  • Major contenders: American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, Chinese Panda and Australian Nugget.
  • In 1980, ? oz, ? oz and 1/10 oz Krugerrands added.
  • A special edition 1967 Vintage Proof Krugerrand has been released in honour in the 50th anniversary. The coin costs R59 000 simply 1 967 are minted, using reproduced dies with the original tooling useful for the 1st Krugerrands.

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