There is a similarity between the online market place bubble and crash along with the Bitcoin bubble today.

At time, I saw two possible scenarios. They are still viable today, even so the quantity the 60 % crash in?Bitcoin?informs me that we’re possibly experiencing scenario two, the spot that the cryptocurrency hit its top near $20,000.

That doesn’t take scenario one out of the functional. There’s still an isolated chance that Bitcoin could surge back and break above $20,000, after which you can might be curtains.

Neither scenario is a great one news for?stocks.

Here are a few updated charts:

Bitcoin Bubble vs. Internet Bubble, Scenario 1

The internet bubble saw a 46 percent crash in 1999 before rocketing to a different full of early 2000. The Bitcoin bubble already has seen a 60 % crash, that produces a new high or scenario one more unlikely that. However it’s still possible after we holds recent 8,800 lows at Sixty percent down in the top.

That said, this recent crash makes scenario two look much more likely, particularly when it goes down further.

Bitcoin Bubble vs. Internet Bubble, Scenario 2

That scenario would view a crash as a result of as low as $800 to $1,000 on Bitcoin, that would be down in excess of 95 % with the top.

That will be a signal of bubble worry for that market.?The coming weeks are critical.

Any new lows in Bitcoin would strengthen it is likely that scenario two unfolding – that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies peaked around $20,000 and the wall street game will follow on a good eight- to nine-week lag.

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