Cryptocurrency newcomer EOS has bounced back which includes a above 30 % gain last March 22 weight loss popular contemporaries like Bitcoin struggled with only a four percent accrual. Somehow, this is often some form of vindication for eos who critics have attacked in past times.

One of those that would not have faith in EOS is night time TV host John Oliver. CNBC reported that she spoke of cryptocurrency as part of his show “Last Week Tonight.” Oliver known as the said digital currency a “fraud” mainly because of former child star and controversial figure?Brock Pierce‘s involvement to them. Pierce starred in the “Mighty Ducks” movies and “First Kid.”

Oliver downplayed EOS’ chance, not because Pierce was an ex-actor but on account of his scandal-filled past after founding a digital Entertainment Network (DEN), Global Coin Report stated. It later collapsed, besides other scandals have emerged which include many of its founders, including Pierce, being accused of sexually abusing minors. Pierce had been able avoid jail and was instrumental in founding Blockchain Capital, paving the best way for his connections with additionally, the EOS.IO platform.

Oliver claims that managed to raise $1.5 billion nonetheless hasn’t launched its products yet, affecting EOS’ price while it temporarily stumbled to $3.95 per share. later released an argument, revealing it already severed ties with Pierce. When using the EOS.IO platform supposed to be launched soon, investors are starting to consentrate in it again.

EOS enjoyed better gains compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin. (Source)

When a favorite TV host or personality attacks a definite brand or product, the common result’s it would suffer for the reason that viewers would likely believe the side of the host. In Oliver’s case, and the second happened. EOS traded near $7.01, which represented a 37.7 percent surge at a time when bitcoin only managed a 4 % gain and Ethereum dipped as much as 11 percent. However, it was not the greatest that EOS has reached mainly because it already climbed an all-time a lot of $18.71 before.

Getting to grasp EOS

Dan Larimer is definitely the brainchild behind EOS. Renowned for his deal with cryptocurrency exchange, BitShares, and Steem, Larimer has generated a reputation for creating solutions via cryptocurrency. It uses blockchain technology like Ethereum utilizes blockchain to make smart contracts, CryptoSlate reported. It wants a decentralized system for app development. To further differentiate it off their companies transitioning to cryptocurrencies, its developers stated it can be a faster than the others available today, competent at nearly 50,000 transactions per second, which happens to be on par with other heavyweights in the field.

Steemit gives specific things people need to be aware of about EOS. The app has chat groups, collectively named EOS Telegram, in several languages. There’ll be no pre-mining of tokens, and it also targets a method to obtain one billion.

According to a new article of Global Coin Report, some experts believe this cryptocurrency could soon lead Ethereum to its rapid growth and scalability. On the flip side, it remains to be seen if entrepreneurs would actually have fun here because of its decentralized applications system whilst it has massive potential, tailored for companies and enterprises.

Is EOS a “fraud”? Right now, the provider makes sweeping changes to cure fears and doubts. Investors can trust such cryptocurrency, but as with cryptocurrency on the market, it is good to workout sufficient research since the industry remains unregulated, unpredictable and highly volatile.

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