According towards the 2015 official indicators, unemployment index in Georgia is 12%, however, social surveys demonstrate that greater half component of respondents consider themselves unemployed. As outlined by public inquiry by National Democratic Institute (NDI), 63% of population consider themselves jobless, 37% – employed. From the April survey, volume of respondents, who consider themselves employed, has increased as opposed to previous survey. Using the inquiry conducted in November-December 2016, 34% of respondents considered themselves as employed.

37% on the respondents, who consider themselves unemployed, are jobless and seek job places, 24% are pensioners and aren’t excited about job opportunities, 13% are housewives, 7% are jobless and don’t seek job, 5% are students.

Public opinion research field works were completed from April 7 to April 28 and a total of 2493 respondents were inquired. Average error margin within the survey is+/- 2.7%.

It is definitely worth noting that starting 2009 the state run unemployment indicator shrinks on annual basis.

?Using the 2015 information by Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, you’ll find 246 000 unemployed persons in Georgia, while 1 780 thousand persons are engaged, including 1 018 000 (57%) are self-employed (agriculture sector, retail trade and so forth).

A main issue with the employed will not consider themselves as employed. This category notes in sociological surveys they are unemployed. Under international practice for determining unemployment level,? if someone receives financial benefits within the last few 1 week, he/she is recognised as a member of staff.

?Employed (hired or self-employed)