Giorgi Kvirikashvili claims that investors who commit in your country trust the national currency.

“Denominated bond during the national currency has long been fixed for the first time while in the past of the international market. ?It means that this rate of our own country i.e. the pace borrowed by the government, will be even lower, even so the most important thing is that international investors trust our country and our national currency. This is usually a great event I must congratulate everybody,” – said Kvirikashvili.

According to him, attracted resource of 500 million GEL might be forwarded to the country’s business, financing of enterprises and entrepreneurs, that will be a critical injection from the Georgian economy.

“What is important is the sum is not really attracted in fx however in national currency, i.e. investor who buys the bonds, they know that this debt are going to be paid in GEL, that is to be attracted by Bank of Georgia today. This implies he trusts the national currency, Georgia and also the course taken by our country. This can be the country’s trust, the country’s revolution and that i congratulate your self on this important success,” – the optimal Minister said.

As it is known, GEL bonds can absolutely be on Irish Market.