A Bitcoin (BTC) tycoon announced that she could be giving out somewhat over 5,000 bitcoins worth $86.4 million to charity.

The anonymous cryptocurrency “whale” (another saying used to clarify people who just love a great deal of bitcoins) announced on Reddit which he provides the Pineapple Fund for his philanthropic endeavor.

A website seemed to be designed for the fund, who has 5,057 bitcoins.

Bitcoin billionaires

The donation won’t come as a shock considering the fact that Bitcoin has produced millionaires, in any other case billionaires, outside of several persons.

The donor recalled starting managing BTC in the past.

When bitcoin broke single digits the very first time, I believed that is a triumphant moment for bitcoin. I watched and admired the value jump to $15…$20…$30…Wow!

Now that all BTC will probably be worth $17,539, he was quoted saying he still can’t believe how prosperous she has become.

A Charity is going to be receiving $86 million valuation on bitcoins. (Source)


He said Bitcoin changed his life and then he presenting “far more money” than he can ever spend.

He also said his “aims, goals, and motivations in daily life have absolutely nothing with regards to having XX million or just being the mega-rich.”

The Bitcoin tycoon said that the fund had benefited four groups so far. The grateful recipients are Watsi ($1 million), Water Project ($1 million), EFF ($1 million), and BitGive Foundation ($500,000).

The benefactor attracted those who know a certified nonprofit charity to work with over the internet.

Donations are only concerned with groups

He stated that as he likes to support registered charities, he could be accessible to supporting charitable causes likewise.

He emphasized he does not donate to prospects.

With relation to why he prefers to be anonymous, a Mashable report said the tycoon explained it is for his security and safety.


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